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Forum Announcement: General Information
This is a brand new web site and will be monitored on a daily bases. 

I have visited many other Goldwing sites but was disappointed when I registered and after three months I still had never been confirmed. I sent multiple messages that were never answered and wasn't able to post or view. This idea of having to post a certain number of of times to gain access to the information is ridiculous. There are no such restrictions on this site.

I would love to add your questions and information to this site and welcome any suggestions. 

As far as picture sizes, you may post whatever size you have. I will resize it for you. (I know there are some limits to your cameras) I don't want that to be a reason you don't post. Smile

As far as videos, I just ask that you link to your video on Youtube (it is free after all) or where ever it is. I have a limited amount of space and videos can be very large. Please don't upload them to this site as they will be erase promptly.

Thanks so Much