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Full Version: Bringing Your Old GW into this Century
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This is the first Video in a series that I will be presenting. 

In this video, I will be Removing the non-working radio(not to worry, I will be upgrading it in a later video) and replacing it with a USB, Voltage meter and cigarette lighter.

Warning If you are all about keeping your bike all original than do NOT do any of what I will show you in these videos.

Here is a link to purchase the USB, Voltage display, and cigarette lighter adapter panel. You may be able to find it cheaper on ebay I'm sure of it. (However, it was only 19.99 and I have free shipping)
The Following video is Part 2 Here I will be explaining the wiring for adding the new USB, Voltage meter, and cigarette lighter.

  1. The Following video is Part 3 Mounting the new USB, Voltage meter, and cigarette lighter and preparing for the new radio

Pin 6 - Accessory power

Pin 8 - ground
Pin 13 - Right Channel
Pin 14 - Left Channel
Pin 15 - Speaker ground
Pin 16 - Power output for Auto Volume Control
Part 4 installing radio

If you want information about the radio it does not have a brand. It came from China and I waited 3 weeks to get it. I wasn't in any hurry and the price was right. You will need tor search 7" GPS Radio.