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Winter Storage for your bike
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Prep your gas for the winter. During the winter months that your bike sits, the fuel in your tank can begin to turn a brownish color and thicken. It is important that this not happen as it may even lead to corrosion, build-up and rust inside your fuel tank.  If you want to avoid the possibility of this happening, we recommend that you mix some fuel stabilizer into your tank along with some fuel. Once mixed, fill the tank up the rest of the way with gas and run your engine for about 10-15 minutes to be sure that the stabilizer runs its course through the fuel system.

Remove the gas from the carburetors. If your bike has a petcock, turn it to off, then loosen the float-bowl drain screw or bolt, and drain the fuel in the bowl into a safe container. If the drain is inaccessible or nonexistent, remove the float bowl from the carb. If you can't do that, run the bike with the fuel turned off until the engine stops.

Change your oil and filter. It is best if your bike does not set all winter with dirty oil and filter.  The used oil will likely have contaminants, pollutants and condensation that can lead to engine corrosion

Your battery can go dead over the winter. You’ll want to either pull it or store it inside (not outside), or leave it on the bike and plug it into a battery tender. 

Wash and wax your bike (to keep dirt from permanently marring the finish), and toss a bike cover or if the bike is in a garage and if you don't have a bike cover an old bedspread or sheet over it. I mention an old bed sheet because tarps and plastic hold moisture in and that is not good for the bike. The sheet or bedspread will most likely absorb moisture (hopefully shouldn't be much being in the garage)

Put your bike on its center stand(if you have one) rotate(turn the by hand) the tires every so often to avoid flat spots.

Thanks !

Marty Rall 
System Administrator

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